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Nouvelle version ACR (R4.0.9)

Message : # 179Message christophe2836
ven. 24 janv. 2020 18:15

ACR 4.0 - CCAC Contact Center.pdf
That doc is still being updated on our website but below are some of the details.


Changed "Rec Assn - Delay" to also effect Active Recording
Disable merging when using CD3 Unique call monitor
Only allow pause/resume when recording dock is always hidden (i.e. don't start new recording that didn't start before based on rules).
When starting RL use the vrtx files to find what stream id to start with
Updating bluedb to version 2.0.6. Should fix the issue where bluedb failed to backup files due to temp files
Use Limbo directory and not VRL to save out VMPro based vrtx files. Some remote VRL directories don't have write permissions.


Added Log Filter for DTMF and Feature Toggle to test different dtmf behavior
Added new error codes from Avaya, Made it so that we will retry on unsuccessful start recording attempts (a few times), and added a toggle so that we can have it try to only start recordings on talking events (in case we are getting messed up just by trying too early).
Added DEVLINK_RECONNECT_ON_AUTHENTICATION feature toggle, so that we can see what happens if we don't close the data stream, and also log the message that makes us think we have no connection.
Add setting "Live Association - Digits To Compare"
Add Advanced Setting to use Agent instead of streamid in recording dock
Recording dock can now always show or always hide with a new advanced setting
Added logging information for Active Recording.
Implement CD3 version of UniqueCallIdMonitor
Drop multiple streams for call that was getting stream for the internal transfer that didn't clean up. w/ toggle "ENABLE_DROP_ALL_STREAMS_FOR_CALL_WHEN_CALL_ENDS"
Added address of the sender to the debug log message for Out of Pools cases.


do not liberate agents unless that setting is enabled
Don't die when trying to email unassociated recordings.
Don't adjust event types when it should be a transfer (was trying to override to Voicemail).
Chat settings should now open even if dashboard settings not opened.
Fixed Port Mirror association, added recording regression tests
Inbound calls not associating when using Active Recording.
Prevent ConcurrentModificationException
Agent skills dialog now 'scrolls' if too large
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